AU: Where Cas works on the night shift  at the call center and Dean hates that.

Dean, don’t you dare call me at midnight while I am working.

What, I can’t call you to ask queries about-

'what are you wearing, baby?' is not a query!

deancas/ranma 1/2 AU   In which Cas wins the Most Troublesome Curse to be Inflicted With Award (“Let me get this right—your vessel now switches back and forth between male and female, and you can’t control it?”)

Sam—to absolutely no one’s surprise—finds the pattern (“Not just water, Dean—water temperature. Hot water turns him into a girl, cold turns him back into a guy.”)

And Dean is… coping (Coping. Yeah. Coping, when Cas regularly turns into a girl. A hot girl. A hot girl with awesome boobs and impeccable shoulder to waist ratio and full, plump lips—Dean is coping with this the way a man drowning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during a thunderstorm is coping with water, and it’s the Kingdom of Denial and Dean is sitting comfortably on the throne that is rightfully his.) 

Concept by  Coco & Dee || Requested by Coco 

Castiel is finally ready to tell Dean about his feelings, but…


Skyrim Dean/Castiel AU; Dean is a dragoborn and Castiel is the one dragon he won’t slay.

And all heard the music, of Alduin’s doom,
The sweet song of Skyrim, sky-shattering Thu’um.

Two idiots getting married (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Destiel AU: stars;

When Castiel mysteriously fell to Earth a year ago, Dean was left behind. Unable to find answers, Dean falls in hopes to find answers but mostly to bring back his friend. Little did he know that coming to Earth would be the start of a chain reaction of something bigger than both of them have imagined and, perhaps, along the way, something they’ve thought about before, but never did managed to act upon it.


AU:Dean, he looks shady. His earlier roommate ran away.

Shut up, Sammy. He looks adorable.